Music From Holy Vale

Dawn’s Magic
The Meaning Of Light
Rain Patterns
Island Heart
Time Will Bring The Sea
Music For Holy Vale
Island Heart (Vocal Version)
In Green

An hour long suite inspired by the elm wood at holy vale on the isles of scilly. Created with mandolin, recorders, piano, percussion and voice, and enhanced by birdsong from holy vale, and careful use of electronic keyboards and reeds.

Originally released on compact disc in may 1999. I still have a few copies left – if you would like one, let me know and ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ below to cover postage and packing.

I first experienced the wood at Holy Vale in the spring of 1995. I was immediately overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and sense of deep mystery and stillness that seemed to pervade the place – as wild and dense as the exquisitely twisted and gnarled trees themselves.

I find it hard to explain its hold over me – something about the absolute silence of the place when just a few miles in all directions around lies the awesome force of the sea.

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